What is New Beginning Youth Homes?

Our TRANSITIONAL HOUSING PROGRAM provides a family home to young women that are aging out of foster care, other group homes, and/or facing homelessness due to abandonment by family or other support systems. Young women between the ages of 18-23 are provided:

  • Family support system
  • Life skills training
  • Education support
  • Job support
  • Spiritual support

This program gives them the ability succeed now and for their life's continued journey. 

We are Committed to...

  • Providing an affordable & safe place to live where each resident will find acceptance and solace. The New Beginnings homes mirrors family style living, with both private & shared space, where residents can develop self-discipline & interpersonal skills.
  • Offering local growth opportunities: Northwest Arkansas is rich with career and educational opportunities to help in the development of personal & marketable skills. We help each young woman identify these resources & utilize them in reaching her fullest potential.
  • Helping residents develop supportive relationships: New Beginnings helps each resident develop friendships and lifelong connections with mentors where she will find acceptance, personal growth challenges, and sustainability for both now & in the future.
  • Equipping young women with life skills they need to excel, not just survive: Each resident participates in weekly Life Skills classes taught by community members with skills & interests in various subjects.
  • Encouraging citizenship opportunities and community involvement: In addition to the contributions that each resident makes to the New Beginning houses and community, she also makes a regular contribution to her community through volunteerism at a local non-profit and involvement in a local church and civic organization.
  • Instilling courage to reconcile with past trauma or hurt: We strongly encourage each resident to participate in Christian-based counseling and/or a support group in order to confront personal hurts, take the time to grieve, and develop healthy coping skills. Through these supports she will be better equipped to face life’s difficulties with strength, perseverance, and resiliency

The application Process

The average length of time between application and move-in for more residents is approximately 2 weeks. The reason for this is that the application process is really focused on getting to know you and your goals, your needs, and support system. In addition, our hope and goal is that you will walk away knowing what the expectations would be for you within the New Beginnings community.

Steps we take:

  • Application and Review
  • Tour
  • Interview (preferably on-site)
  • Information Gathering (reference checks, obtaining records, etc.)
  • Communicating a Decision

Ready to Apply?